16 Apr, 2013



Method of Realization of the Territory of Creative Improvisation.

 Creative improvisation is an alternative method of theatrical education and practice. A new creative improvisation technique for actors, directors and dramatists has been developed by the well-known theatre and film actor, director, and professor, Honored Artist of Ukraine, Oleg Drach, in the laboratory workshop “Studio A.K.T.” at the National Les Kurbas Theatre Arts Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine.

 The main unique originality of the method lies in the non-aggressive revelation of the creative personality by means of practical intensive work in the sphere of the Creator. It explains the collaboration of the human being with the territory of ideas, and the ways and means of idea realization. The method helps the artist to explore and learn his or her creative nature. It spurs on intuition and the development of artistic mentality, and gives the practical instruments of knowledge which help to organize and implement personal creative processes by making up structurally-fixed and completed pieces of work. This includes dramatic text creation and interpretation, actors’ behavior while playing, stage space organization, and performance construction.




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