09 Jun, 2014

Summer Theater School


Kurbas State Center for The Theater Arts.


Studio A.K.T.

Invite creative youth to join Oleg Druch’s Summer Theater School “Creative improvisation” in Kryvorivnya village (Carpathian mountains, July 10-20, 2014). The improvisation theater will be the subject-matter of The Summer School. The participants will gain unique practical experience of penetrating into the nature of actor’s improvisation, will learn to create original characters and master the basics of playwriting by producing their own original texts. All the participants of The Summer School will have a chance to join the cast of experimental theater group “Creator” (10 ppl). This “Creator” group has been invited by The European Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzenice” (Poland, Lublin) to two-week stay in Ukrainian residence in order to create the performance “Seven”. The performance will represent Ukraine at the scientific and artistic session “Poland-Ukraine-Europe”.

Заняття групи з Академії в Гарджєніце

Осередок приактик театральних Гарджєніце


The Summer School

 1st Session, July 10-20, 2014


1)   Learning basics of creative improvisation method

2)   Researching visual behavioral nature of actor-creator’s acting

3)   Improvisational nature of creation of a character, the conflict.

4)   To create character’s free-theme monologue and a monologue on a given theme

5)   Work with texts: form and content, structure and composition of a text

6)   Visual behavior of a character. Theatrical nature of true-to-life behavior.

7)   Actor-creator and a character, improvisational nature of interaction.

8)   Playwriter-director-actor. From improvisation to text, and from text – to acting.

9)   Composition of a play, space management of a play.

10)   Development of theatrical performance structure, public performance.

 літня школа 2012


літня школа 2012

Day schedule


7:30                            Good morning!

8:00                            Morning exercise

9:00-9:45                   Breakfast

10:00 -12:00              Practical trainings

12:00-13:00               Lunch

13:00 – 16:00            Independent work with texts

16:00 – 18:00            Practical trainings

18:00 -19:00              Dinner

19:00 – 22:00            Processing of texts

23:00                          Sweet dreams

(changes to schedule are possible depending on weather and other conditions)

Чорний Черемош

 дім, в якому мешкає група

Arrival 07.09.2014, departure 07.21.2014
Living conditions: private house (8-10 ppl), toilet and shower outdoors.

Catering: three meals daily (vegetarian food or with meet), self-catering.

Be sure to bring: training clothes (comfortable t-shirts, sports trousers, skirts, sneakers), pads for notes, electric torch,  rain clothes, warm clothes, medicaments, bug spray, hot weather clothes and swimming suits (Black Cheremosh river).

Fees to pay: 150$ for the work of master, 50$ for accommodation,  11 days of catering – separate charge.

Place: Kryvorivnya village, Verkhovina Raion, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast.

Travel directions: get train to Ivano-Frankivs’k then go by bus to Kryvorivnya village


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