“STUDiO A.K.T.”

Studio A.K.T. is theater laboratory created by Oleh Drach, since 2005 – the director-coach at The Les’ Kurbas State Centre for Theatre Arts, Kyiv. It is non-profit organization.

Studio A.K.T. researches the nature of acting as the process of creation of original acting structures, dramatic texts, scenic acts – performances, created after the Method of Creative Structured Improvisation (CSI) in work with different themes of human life as well as with themes of famous works of world drama and literature classics. The work with theme is the main research field for the theater’s creative exploration. Such work reveals author’s nature of each actor-creator, and group co-authorship produces original theater act – the play.

In November 2014 The European Centre for Theatre Practices Gardzienice (Poland) invited Theater Studio A.K.T. for two-week residence, during this stay the performance “Seven” was created and presented to spectators on November 14.

The Method

Studio A.K.T. is the territory of new approach to the research of acting initiation and organization process via spontaneous improvisational interaction with imaginative world of ideas, themes and plot-bearing structures. Oleg Drach’s CSI Method is based on creative nature of a person, on one’s ability to interact with theme objects of imaginative and material nature in order to create a new artistic reality – theater performance.

The discovery of CSI Method was trigged by the research of triune vector of actor-creator’s creative impulse. According to this Method an actor is the author of idea – a playwriter, organizer and constructor of the scenic act – i.e. a director, and also – an actor, playing his/her role in his/her own creation. To put it shortly: an actor is a CREATOR.

Creative Improvisation is a way to create a spatial performance. This method allows personal development for people with artistic perspectives not only in theater, but also in literature, painting, and music. In Studio A.K.T.’s workshops the interaction of a person with any kind of art is viewed as a process of development of creative personality who, by getting to know his/her individual nature, produces original pieces of art. This method deepens understanding of personal creative processes, of world concept, of a creator’s responsibility before his/her own creation, of spiritual growth perspectives and self-positioning in art concerning social context.