27 Feb, 2015

Masterclass: Method of Creative Improvisation


Coach: DRACH Oleh Tarasovich. The masterclass understands three days of six and more hours work, depending on agreement conditions, quantity of participants, size of working space. The masterclass consists of lectures and practical exercises – rehearsals. The process is organized in a way that every participant has possibility to present his or her individual work.


1. Teach to use creative improvisation method in building new original theater pieces.

2. Give students practical knowledge about the original method to train imaginative thinking.

3. Imaginative behavior in creating a character.

4. Improvised character’s monolog within chosen or defined topic.

5. Text fixation, work with character’s monolog structure and public presentation.


Collective work in space. Energetic set-up. Multi-pointed attention exercise “flickering consciousness” in creating plastical behavior. Training multi-aimed conscious attention. Partner mutual understanding and interaction.


Associative work with imaginary subjects, objects, nature phenomena. Training internal and external visual control of personal behavior in space. Gesture. Emotion. Word.


Creating a character using imaginative behavior having for topic certain subject, object, nature phenomenon. Getting in and out the character’s living process. Space of the personality and of a character, being at once author and executor – creator. Character’s behavior logic. Building character’s story in time. Internal and external conflicts.


Work with questions: Who am I? Where am I? Why am I here? What happened? What do I want? Why do I need this? Where should I go? What shall I do?  – in creating character’s monolog. Law of omposition and character’s monolog structure.


Idea. Topic. Aim. Creating the text of character’s monolog through imaginative improvised behavior using internal and external space. Repetition as movement into the sense of character’s monolog. Presentation – performing as creating a new variation of fixed textual material.

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