OLeh Drach

Oleh (Oleg) Drach

Graduated from Kyiv Karpenko-Kary State Theatre Institute (1981, class of People’s Artist of USSR Arkadiy Gashinsky).

One of the founders of the Lviv Les Kurbas Theatre, 1987, and one of the leading actors of the theatre for more than twelve years.

In 1995-1996, performed as an actor in off-off-Broadway theatres La Mama and Players’ Forum, New York, USA.

Awarded prizes as the best actor at three festivals (the role of Svydrygaylov in the performance Games for Faust directed by Volodymyr Kuchinsky).

Cultural research department supervisor at National Les Kurbas Theatre Arts Centre, director of Studio A.K.T. Oleh Drach has developed and is implementing his personal method of creative improvisation and is giving trainings for actors’ education and human personality development.

Productions: Women, 2005, Apperception, 2007, Above Time Apperception, 2010-2011, “SEVEN” 2013, “Twelve Characters in Search of an Author” 2014,  “NA-VIY-NA” 2014. “SEVEN” 2014. “NEWS” 2015.

All performances are created by using Method Сreative Structured Іmprovisation. Texts and characters are created by actors engaged in performances.

Organizer and leader art Summer School in the village Kryvorivnya “Territory Creation”

Author of several literary pieces and screenplays. Author of the documentary film”Carols for Paraska”, State Les Kurbas Theatre Arts Centre.

In 2012 the first collection of the short stories went out in a publishing house SPOLOM in light under the name «SEVERIN’S DREAMS». In 2013 a publishing house NEW BOOK  printed a book “SEVEN” from the series of dialogs “Conversation with Master” about nature of death sins of Man. Prepares to next book of “Conversations with Master” “СREATOR”, the analysis of playing nature and processes of artistic creation.