24 Oct, 2014

The nature of theater Creator


The nature of theater Creator (hereafter – the Creator) can be viewed as a three-lens objective, where first lens is operative, responsible for the content (playwriter), second lens is focused on the arrangement of scenic space (director), and third lens reflects content and circumstances through acting (actor).

One may compare the Creator to a membrane that interacts simultaneously with different spaces: with fine space of eternal spiritual ideas, images, information, and with material space –temporary world of people, the world of knowledge, skills, examples and patterns. The Creator is spiritual membrane that interacts with the world of spectators, listeners on different levels of perceptions of created works.

 Creator always was and will be an inventor and a visionary of the skills that serve the development of art. First impulse – meaningful, emotional or active (no matter weather it was emitted from internal or external space) – provokes the Creator’s “membrane” to respond and thus to repulse the impulse to the opposite space, that in its turn provokes the reaction of all the area, participation and interaction. Thus the mechanism of creative process (acting state) is activated.

Creator is not only an initiator, provocateur, orchestrator and a representative of the process but a spectator as well. Creator contemplates, perceives and discovers something new – i.e. constantly learns, imbibes knowledge discovered. The essence of the Creator is in realization of the action performed, and this realization is the way to the most important thing – to the process of personal spiritual development.

Hence we can derive the major feature of the Creator: the Creator is the one who creates oneself and through oneself creates a new reality, through this reality the Creator experiences the Entity. The one who is in the process of experiencing can’t be a performer, such individual sooner or later finds oneself in a new format of one’s own Self – discovers one’s own way to the temple of arts, to the Spiritual Entity.

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