1 Theatre – amusement center or Temple. 2 Actor – clown and actor – sacred performer. 3 Genuine Actor’s mission.     In this small analytical thought, we again try to consider the theatre of today. Obviously there is nothing to invent, but let us try and recall ourselves what kind of a natural […]

The nature of theater Creator (hereafter – the Creator) can be viewed as a three-lens objective, where first lens is operative, responsible for the content (playwriter), second lens is focused on the arrangement of scenic space (director), and third lens reflects content and circumstances through acting (actor). One may compare the Creator to a membrane […]

The desire to understand the process of creation (the methods of its provocation and organization, the nature of its passing, its ruling mechanisms, etc.) exists during the whole lifetime of a human being. A person is not just a witness, but also an active participant in Earthly life. That is why he/she asks questions that are organically part of the surrounding world. The creative aspects are still […]